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Boiler Supply specializes in boiler sales and boiler service in Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and other southeast markets. Launching operations in Nashville during 1942, Boiler Supply Company, Inc.’s founder Wallace E. Lunn, Sr., P.E., envisioned a company servicing the industrial and institutional markets of Tennessee and surrounding states with emphasis on power generation and distribution. Initially, the principal level of business activity for Boiler Supply Company was in furnace installation and repair for field erected boilers. Affiliated with the A. P. Green Company as its primary supplier, Boiler Supply Company also distributed refractory and insulating materials around the Southeast and provided installation and design services.

Throughout its history, Boiler Supply Company has been committed to adjusting to changing market conditions. Boiler Supply Company was ready to adapt when commercial and industrial users began to transition... (Read More)