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Hydronic Boilers

ClearFire-CE Hydronic Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE

High-Efficiency Condensing Boiler

The Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE is a compact, fully condensing high-mass hydronic boiler capable of variable-flow pumping, allowing for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of applications. The fireside heating surfaces utilizes industry-leading AluFer® tubes for superior efficiencies. The dual-return connections have the ability to increase condensing in the boiler and raise efficiencies by 6%+ more than a single-return boiler.

Size Range

500 MBTU – 6,000 MBTU


For comfort heat, schools, hotels, commercial buildings and apartments


Natural gas and propane


125 psi


Up to 99% efficient


Standard less than 20 ppm NOx


Dual Return Advantage
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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ClearFire-LC_Hydronic Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-LC

Get maximum flexibility for larger facilities with enhanced efficiency. The larger capacity design allows for few units as opposed to banks of smaller boilers, which reduces capital cost, complexity and maintenance. 

Size range:

8,000 MBTU – 12,000 MBTU


For comfort heat, schools, hotels, commercial buildings and apartments 


Natural gas and propane


160 psi 


Up to 98% efficient


Ultra-low emissions

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Flexible watertube Hot water boiler

Cleaver-Brooks Non-Condensing Flexible Watertube Boilers

Whether stand-alone or utilizing a condensing/non-condensing hybrid multi-unit solution, the model FLX boilers can share the load to increase efficiency in a hydronic or steam process.

The FLX is designed to handle to minimize thermal stress and provide quick response in a compact unit – field erectable units are also an option. With no requirement for FGR piping from the stack to burner, it’s easy to incorporate the FLX into a new or existing boiler system.

Size Range

1,500 – 25,000 MBTU/hr (35-600 HP)


For rapid response for low or high-temperature pressure heating, back up fuel oil and field erectable. Applications include heating for universities, medical facilities, office complexes and process applications such as manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceuticals.


#2 fuel oil and gaseous fuels


160 psig


Up to 88%


Available to less than 9 ppm


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Weil McClain Gas Boiler

Weil McClain Evergreen Boilers

Gas Condensing Boilers

A floor standing stainless steel firetube heat exchanger with a non-metallic base with an optional wall mount kit.

Size range:

70 – 399 MBH (6 sizes) 


New and existing commercial applications


Natural gas/propane

Combustion efficiency:

96.5% (399 MBH) 


Available to < 20 ppm 


The Evergreen Boiler – Sizes 220-399

Weil McClain Evergreen Brochure

Ace Triton High Efficiency Boiler

Ace Near Condensing Boilers

High-efficiency Condensing Boiler

Triton Series™ feature has a quadruple pass, double row, high finned copper finned heat exchanger and Honeywell’s advanced SOLA controls. SOLA provides the user with full control of boiler settings from a single, user-friendly interface. Among the many programmable features are flame safeguard, pump control, central heating / domestic hot water high limits, PID load control and operating controls. 


6 models ranging from .8MM to 2MM BTU


For comfort heat, schools, hotels, commercial buildings and apartments 


Natural gas, propane


Up to 86% thermal efficiency


Up to <9 ppm 


-Up to 7:1 Turndown

-Double Row, Double Pass, High Finned Copper Finned Heat Exchanger

-Air-cooled Interrupted Pilot w/ UV Scanner

-Full modulation, Consistent Emissions with NOx <9 ppm and Clean Light Off

-Small Footprint

-Heavy 18 gauge steel cabinet with highest quality UV-rated powder coated finish

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Ace Heater Atlas Boiler

Ace Heater Atlas Water Heater

Ace Heaters Atlas Hydronic Water Heater

High-efficiency Condensing 

Atlas™ “A” Series condensing boilers perform dependably and quietly, offering the highest efficiency solution for space heating, domestic and process hot water, as well as low-temperature applications such as snow melting, pool heating and low temp building loops. 

Size range:

500 – 3,000 MBTU/hr 


Ideal for low-temperature heating loops

Thermal efficiency:

Up to 98%


< 9 ppm NOx 


  • Up to 7.5 to 1 turndown
  • Fully modulating PID controller
  • Mirror finish stainless steel jacket
  • Front removable coil assembly for easy serviceability
  • Single pass coil construction allows for complete deliming
  • Sealed combustion chamber for increased efficiency and reduce emissions
  • ETL listed to UL 795 and CAN1-3.1
  • CSD-1 compliant (IRI and FM optional)

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Weil McClain Cast Iron Boiler

Weil McClain Cast Iron Boilers

Commercial Hot Water or Steam

  • Field convertible flue
  • Water and steam heating systems
  • Available as forced or chimney draft venting
  • Available as knockdown or packaged, water or steam and with or without a burner
  • Jacket side panels lift off for easy installation – no tools needed


346 – 1,674 MBH


Light oil, gas and gas-light oil boiler

Combustion efficiency:


Cast Iron Boiler Brochure

Ace Heaters Pkg Water Storage

Ace Heaters Storage Water Heater

Maintains temperature + or – 4 degrees from the setpoint and offers maintenance-free operation. Features small, medium or large storage volumes with standard 150 PSIG, completely skid assembled with quality components and proven design.

  • Senses blended water temperatures for instant smooth opening and closing of steam or boiler water control valve.
  • Provides rapid response to the temperature and flow requirements of the cold water supply. The temperature control bulb in the circulating line senses an immediate change in the temperature of the stored water. It also eliminates delays due to length bleed line.
  • Eliminates excessive cycling of the control valve, which can occur when short bursts of cold water are flushed over an immersed sensor bulb.


  • ASME Section VIII Div I vessel
  • Small, medium or large storage volumes
  • Quality components for high performance
  • Completely assembled storage water heaters with tube bundle,
    circulating system, wiring, insulation and skid mounted
  • Cement-lined tank standard

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Ace Heaters Heat Exchanger and Tube Bundle

Ace Heaters Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles

Offered in steam, water and HTW exchanger type heaters for your needs. Quality U-tube bundles provide uniform heat transfer, resulting in high thermal efficiency and long exchanger life.

  • Single or double-wall
  • 150 PSIG working pressure design
  • Copper, cupro-nickel 90/10 or stainless steel tubing
  • Coil sizes 4” up to 18” on selected models
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel tube sheet and cap
  • ASME Section VIII construction shell
Ace Heaters Storage Tanks

Ace Heaters Storage Tanks

A broad selection of tank linings for extended tank life and ensure clean, safe potable water.

  • From 50 to 1,615 gallons
  • 18” – 72” diameter tanks
  • ASME section VIII cement lined (150 psig MAWP)
  • ASME Section IV glass-lined (125 psig MAWP)
  • Vertical or horizontal models available