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ASME Certified Boilermakers and Techs

Boiler Tube Repair

Nationally Recognized for Pressure Vessel Repair

R-Stamp Certified

Boiler Supply has held the National Board “R” Stamp for over 40 years.

Our Tennessee State Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractors License is the first ever issued in the state of Tennessee on July 1, 1961, Certificate #1 ASME Stamp for pressure piping. This enables us to:

  • Convert high-pressure steam boilers to high-temperature hot water or low-pressure steam
  • Change low-pressure steam boilers for hot water use
  • Re-tube boilers, patch pressure vessels, repair or replace tubesheets/manhole/handhole openings
  • Deaerator and high-pressure condensate system patching and repairs 
Boiler Pressure Vessel Repair

Comprehensive Fabrication Shop

We go beyond boiler repair. Boiler Supply has a full fabrication shop with an ASME welding team commonly producing:

  • Fabricate spool pieces and steam headers with calculations and inspections
  • Boiler and pressure vessel repairs
  • Replace boiler tubes, retubes and welding repairs
  • Preparation of pressure vessels for insurance state inspection
  • Custom solutions

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