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Industrial Watertube Boiler Upgrades

Boiler Service Longevity Keeps Distillery Operating Smoothly


Cascade Hollow Distillery, the home of George Dickel Whisky, is tucked in the hills of Tennessee. Their Whisky (without an e) is known for its smooth taste and is produced with the freshest water derived from the local cascade spring.

Distillery Boiler Control Upgrade
Boiler Upgrades & Service

For decades Boiler Supply has been servicing the distillery’s steam plant – everything from annual maintenance and on-demand service to energy-saving boiler upgrades. In 2007, the industrial steam boilers were operating on number 2 fuel oil, but owners Diageo had a desire to move toward more of a sustainable system. The gas company was convinced to pipe in natural gas to become the boiler’s primary fuel source. Once ready, Boiler Supply upgraded the industrial burners on both boilers to operate on natural gas. This equipment upgrade reduced the plant’s carbon emissions.

Since then, Boiler Supply has also upgraded the boilers and deaerator controls to advanced Cleaver-Brooks Hawk controls. The integrated touchscreen controls have features that aid in increasing the boiler’s operating efficiency.

A particular Hawk feature is oxygen trim (O2 Trim). How does it work? As temperatures and air density in boiler rooms change, the combustion will slightly vary.  By measuring the oxygen in the exhaust of the boiler, O2 Trim senses these changes and sends a message back to the servo control system, which will adjust accordingly. Overall oxygen trim will significantly increase the boiler’s operating efficiencies.

Industrial Watertube Boiler Control Upgrades
The Importance of Service

Cascade Hollow Distillery is a prime example of why an ongoing relationship with a reputable boiler service company sets your boiler plant up for success. Prioritizing consistent maintenance ensures that the boiler system operates efficiently, reduces energy consumption, and promotes safety. Regular service prolongs the lifespan of the boiler system, which in turn protects your investment and saves your equipment from premature replacement expenses. When your facility produces a product, the last thing you want is an interruption to production. 

We Make Boiler Plants Better

Boiler Supply can likely find improvements in nearly any boiler plant – even if you have newer equipment. Contact us for a free boiler room evaluation. Upgrades can often realize payback in a short period, reduce carbon emissions and help your equipment operate more efficiently. Increased efficiency is money in the bank.