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CBEX Firetube Boiler

CBEX Reduces Fuel Usage 25 Percent for Medical Facility


In January 2022, a medical facility in East Tennessee experienced a combustion occurrence while changing from natural gas firing to fuel oil. After accessing the damage the medical facility reached out to Boiler Supply Co.  Boiler Supply evaluated the current boiler to determine if repairs were practical or if a replacement was required.  Due to the age of the equipment, obsoleted controls & burner and other boiler damage, the best solution would be to replace the boiler.

Boiler Pad for CBEX Installation Cleaver Brooks Firetube Boiler Boiler Removal from Incident

The CBEX = The Solution

Boiler Supply recommended a Cleaver-Brooks 600 HP CBEX Firetube Boiler. The integrated boiler, burner and control system along with extended heat transfer tubes make for the most efficient boiler on the market. The CBEX is a completely packaged unit.  All the components are designed to work together, so it delivers the lowest emissions and highest operating efficiencies.  In the fall of 2022, the boiler was installed and commissioning began. By the end of December, the new CBEX boiler was online.

The ROI & Fuel Reduction

The medical facility keeps daily records of the gas usage for each boiler. In January of 2023, a comparison was made of the old boiler usage from 2022 with the new CBEX in January of 2023. The old boiler ran at an average of 434 cubic feet of gas daily. The new boiler operates at 352 cubic feet daily! That is a reduction of 19% avg per day.

CBEX Firetube Boiler Reduces Fuel Usage

The monthly totals were even better. The old boiler indicated a total of 14,406 cubic feet for the month of January 2022 and the new CBEX came in with a total of 10,939 cubic feet for the month of January 2023. That’s an overall savings of 25% per month!

Even during January 15th & 16th being two of the coldest days of the year for several years with temperatures in the single digits, the new boiler ran an average of 438 cubic feet! That was the highest the boiler operated during January 2023 and just came in at the average of the old boiler with temperatures in the single digits. The medical center stated the new CBEX boiler carried the needs of the entire facility by itself even on the coldest days with no need for backup of the other two boilers!

With those fuel savings savings, the payback could be under a year and a half.

The expedience of the project was made possible through the talented Engineers, Boiler Techs and Boilermakers at Boiler Supply.

The Final Installation

CBEX Reduces fuel use Boiler Supply CBEX Firetube Boiler Reduces Fuel Use