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ClearFire-CE Hydronic Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE Condensing Boiler

High-Efficiency Condensing Boiler The latest generation of the ClearFire®-CE is a compact, high-mass, fully condensing hydronic boiler, featuring patented TurboFer heat exchanger technologies with innovative integrated controls, allowing for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications and ensuring…

ClearFire-LC Condensing Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-LC Large Condensing Boiler

Fully condensing high-mass firetube boiler Ideal for variable-flow primary systems, the ClearFire®-LC (CFLC) is a high-mass, fully condensing hydronic boiler, capable of variable-flow pumping, allowing for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications. The revolutionary larger capacity design…

Cleaver-Brooks Steam Firetube Boilers

Model CBEX The CBEX firetube boiler featuring EX technology is a completely integrated boiler, burner, and controls system. Every core component has been designed and built by Cleaver-Brooks to work together, resulting in the most efficient and lowest-emissions firetube system…

Boiler Control Conversion

Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Controls

Remote Monitoring – Centralize your boiler system information in one place to ensure safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainable operations. Remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, providing alerts and insights to stay informed, reduce emissions, and simplify compliance. Simple installation, at-a-glance…

Cleaver-Brooks Electric Boilers

For commercial and industrial applications, Cleaver-Brooks steam and hydronic electric boilers are clean, compact, quiet, easy to install and have no venting or fuel requirements. With no combustion considerations, electric boilers are a good alternative where emissions regulations are a…

Cleaver-Brooks Flexible Watertube Boilers

Whether stand-alone, or utilizing a condensing/non-condensing hybrid multi-unit solution the model FLX boilers can share the load to increase efficiency in a hydronic or steam process. The FLX is designed to handle to minimize thermal stress and provide quick response…

Cleaver-Brooks Commercial Boiler Burners

Whether new or retrofit, the ProFire line of Cleaver-Brooks burners is designed for maximum efficiency and lowest emissions. ProFire burners are suitable for firetube, commercial watertube, firebox, cast iron and process heating applications.

Cleaver-Brooks Deaerators

Removes oxygen and other dissolved gases in the boiler feedwater including carbon dioxide. Reduces chemical and boiler blowdown costs while protecting the boiler and system from corrosion.

Camus Valiant Boiler

Camus Valiant Condensing Boiler

The Valiant-FT Series I is a counter-flow firetube boiler for hydronic heating applications. Fully welded construction with stainless steel pressure vessel combustion chamber, tubes and tubesheets. This boiler can be floor-mounted or wall-hung. Energy star rated for models.