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Thrush Heat Exchangers

Thrush Heat Exchangers

With heat exchangers being one of the most important parts of heating and cooling process operations for industries, you need consistent high performance and reliability. Thrush shell and tube heat exchangers are engineered to meet various HVAC applications:

Parker Boiler Indirect Fired Water Heater

The Parker WH model water heater is constructed with 316 stainless steel waterways and is an ideal choice for low or high-temperature applications. The advantage is that the furnace remains at a steady uniform temperature which results in a high…

Niles Hot Water Generator

Niles Hot Water Generators

Niles Steel Tank manufactures hot water storage tanks lined with our exclusive Ultonium glass lining. Also available is our Defender Epoxy suitable for temperatures up to 180 degrees F. Watch

Niles Storage Tank

Niles Storage Hot Water Generators

Niles Steel Tank’s hot water generators are designed for durability and efficiency. Utilizing steam or hot water as the power source, Niles Steel Tank can size and design the correct system for your application.

Turbomax Water Heaters

Thermo 2000 Turbomax Reverse Indirect Water Heater

The Turbomax, Thermo 2000’s instantaneous indirect hot water heater, is the ideal solution for domestic water heating in residential, commercial and institutional applications. It instantly heats potable water upon demand—from40 °F to 140 °F in less than 7 seconds. Watch

Thrush Hot-Pak

Thrush Hot Pak Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Instant hot water is a necessity for hospitals, universities, hotels, and countless commercial and industrial facilities. Thrush Hot-Pak® is a pre-engineered system that provides the continuous supply of hot water you need without the expense of large storage tanks. The…

HXO Heat Echanger

Cleaver-Brooks HxO Heat Exchanger

The HxO is designed to provide instantaneous Domestic hot water supply to your building without the need for additional fuel-fired or electric heating equipment. By utilizing your new or existing hotwater heating loop, the HxO will provide on-demand water for…