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Van-PackerBreechings, Chimneys & Stacks

CS (CM) & CS Plus – Special Gas Venting

CS & CS are UL 1738 tested & listed venting systems for categories, II, III, IV or in Canada type BH gas vent. Our CS model is used with appliances burning natural gas and propane. Other standard features include:

  • 4″ I.D to 36″ air space and tested up to 550 ℉ (228 °C) and 5″ water column positive pressure.
  • The flue is capable of being installed in either interior or exterior installations, 2″ clearance to combustibles, with 0″ clearance to non-combustibles.

The (CM) designation in our part identification number represents our Model CS with an accessory collar (spot welded) added to one end (male end) of the flange that provides an installer-friendly connection for our customers, especially with larger diameter sizes.

Van-PackerBreechings, Chimneys & Stacks

DW & DW Plus – High-temperature and combustion gas venting

  • Standard sizes include 6-48” diameter and custom-made to order sizes as requested.
  • UL listed line offers tees, elbows, supports and more.

MW – Special Gas Venting

Model MW is a viable competitive option. Our single wall product is limited in use and not to be installed in a fully enclosed combustible enclosure. Model MW can only be enclosed on two sides with combustible materials. Do not wrap the MW vent system or place any type of insulation in the required clearance space in an effort to reduce the required clearance or as an attempt to create a fire protective enclosure. Clearance to non-combustibles is as required for installation, access, inspection, or per local code

  • Van-Packer’s Model MW special gas vent is listed by UL file MH45778 as a “Special Gas Vent” in the United States.
  • 4″ I.D. to 10″ I.D. available in 1″ increments and from 10″ I.D. to 48″ I.D. available in 2″ increments.

The MW special gas vents have a maximum operating temperature of 550° F (288° C) and may be used with negative, neutral, and positive vent pressures (40″ water column maximum positive pressure).