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Water Heaters

Thrush Hot-Pak

Thrush Hot Pak Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Instant hot water is a necessity for hospitals, universities, hotels, and countless commercial and industrial facilities. Thrush Hot-Pak® is a pre-engineered system that provides the continuous supply of hot water you need without the expense of large storage tanks. The compact, state-of-the-art water heater is available in:

  • Single or double-wall designs
  • Horizontal or vertical designs
  • Control Panel options

Combined with duplex stainless steel or premium copper-nickel construction, the Hot-Pak® system provides superior corrosion resistance, better temperature control, and higher energy efficiency.

Niles Hot Water Generator

Niles Hot Water Generators 

Niles Steel Tank manufactures hot water storage tanks lined with our exclusive Ultonium glass lining. Also available is our Defender Epoxy suitable for temperatures up to 180 degrees F.

  • Vertical or horizontal configurations 
  • 125 psi standard, 150 and 160 psi optional 
  • Manways over 36” diameter
  • 3” NPT circulation fittings 
  • ASME IV, Part HLW

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Tank Size Calculator 

Niles Storage Tank

Niles Storage Hot Water Generators 

Niles Steel Tank’s hot water generators are designed for durability and efficiency.  Utilizing steam or hot water as the power source, Niles Steel Tank can size and design the correct system for your application.

-2 or 4-pass, single or double-wall construction

-vertical and horizontal configurations

-all tank fittings can be NPT, flanged or grooved end

-epoxy lined for potable water applications up to 180°F & 160 PSI max