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Boiler Supply Code Welder

Fabrication Services for New and Existing Boiler Rooms


Many types of pressure vessel and boiler repair fabrication services require a contractor to meet specific ASME codes. These codes ensure that work is performed properly to ensure safe operations of potentially dangerous processes and equipment. Anyone can tell you they produce quality, however, Boiler Supply has been in business since 1942. We have the fabrication experience to produce the quality your business deserves. 

ASME Certified Welders

Fabrication has always been in our wheelhouse, however, many don’t realize the level of our capability.  Our full fabrication shop includes a team of ASME certified welders. 

Some of the projects that are commonly produced include:

  • Fabricate spool pieces and steam headers
  • Boiler and pressure vessel repairs
  • Renew boiler tubes, retubes and welding repairs
  • Preparation of pressure vessels for insurance inspection

Our ASME Certifications

Boiler Supply holds Certificates of Authorization for the ASME Power Piping “PP” Stamp and The National Board Repair “R” Stamp.  A “PP” stamp is required to fabricate power piping, while an “R” stamp is required to repairing/modifying boilers and pressure vessels. 

Our Proven Fabrication Work

As part of a large steam project in Georgia, we specified (3) 1,500 horsepower large steam boilers, deaerators, blowdown separators, water softeners, and stack venting.  Based on the general contractor’s drawings, we built a 27 foot long 24” diameter steam header.

Also in the shop is a 48” diameter steam header.  The steam header will get installed at an existing customer site operating multiple steam boilers.  The customer was experiencing nuisance trips from heavy swing loads. This steam header will function similarly to a steam accumulator as steam storage space and will more evenly distribute steam into the system. The boiler system will now operate more efficiently and reliably.   

Steam Header Fabrication
27 foot long 24” diameter custom steam header and 48″ diameter steam header

Contact our Service group to inquire about a fabrication project you may have.