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Providing Crowd Comfort at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium was designed and engineered with the 66,000 spectators it seats in mind. Beneath its unique retractable roof, the facility is the first NFL and MLS stadium to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

The HVAC system consists of a high-efficiency 8,600-ton cooling plant; a high-efficiency, 48,000 million MBtu heating plant, a dozen 100,000 – cfm AHUs serving the bowl; and 45 AHUs serving other areas of the stadium.

Mechanical system selection was based on acquiring the most durable equipment while maximizing efficiency and providing the flexibility to accommodate many stadium’s uses.

High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers

The heating system supplied and commissioned by Boiler Supply Company is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. Maintaining crowd and player comfort, the units include (3) ClearFire-LC 12,000 MBtu, (1) ClearFire-LC 8,000 MBtu,  and (1) ClearFire-LC 4,000 MBtu hydronic condensing boilers manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks.clearfire lc falcon control system atlanta ga

Size range capability, space considerations, and robust design are the main reasons for the boiler equipment selection. The ClearFire-LC boiler is constructed with a large water volume duplex stainless steel heat exchanger, which limits short cycling and thermal stress. That means the boiler has the flexibility to respond quickly based on system demand. With the most effective fireside heat exchanger surface area of any boiler on the market, the ClearFire-LC condenses more flue gasses. How does it work? Condensing boilers recover energy in the flue gasses to preheat the cold water entering the boiler requiring the boiler to work less to heat the water and operate more efficiently.

Premix Burner

The modulating premix burner and controls automatically adjust the air/gas mixture for the greatest efficiency and turndown. The burner is designed to achieve an even temperature output providing clean combustion. The ultra-low emissions burner achieves less than 9 ppm NOx.


The ClearFire-LC Falcon control integrates into the Building Management System (BMS) communicating and monitoring setpoints, temperatures, outputs and other diagnostics. It handles firing the boilers and lead-lag control, which is designed to modulate only the required number of boilers in the most efficient manner to eliminate short cycling.

Contact Boiler Supply to learn how condensing hydronic boilers can save energy by easily integrating into your existing system or your new application.

Source: Engineered Systems: Engineering Touchdowns at Super Bowl LIII’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium