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New Boiler Installation

New Boiler System Preassembly Significantly Shortens Shutdown Period


Steam.  Many industrial plants use it as an essential part of their production process and cannot operate without it.  Planned shutdowns are the only ideal time to consider repairs, upgrades or even replacement. Outside of this timeframe, production at the facility would be affected and that is always avoided.

Boiler System Replacement

Boiler Supply Company was recently presented with a challenge to evaluate a customer’s steam system that was used for polystyrene foam extrusion.   Our Service Manager evaluated whether their single 70 HP and dual 40 HP boilers with vented feedwater tank were sufficiently sized to support their facility.  It was determined that the vented feedwater tank was the wrong application for their system because their process produces large amounts of high-temperature condensate return.  With the atmospheric tank, a high percentage of condensate would flash, thus increasing the requirements for makeup water. Because of this, our technicians at Boiler Supply recommended two 125 HP boilers with a pressurized deaerator to replace their existing system.


  • Shutdown duration:  10 days to remove existing boiler system and install a new boiler room consisting of boilers, deaerator, blowdown separator, water softener and all interconnecting piping
  • Boiler Room dimension:  25.5’ x 19’
  • Distance from our shop:  200 miles roundtrip

Preparatory Work:

CAD Layout-Boiler room measurements were made to determine the feasibility of installing new equipment within a limited footprint.  Due to clearance issues, we notified the local inspector where he provided approval for reduced clearances normally required by code.

Preassembly-Due to the limited timeframe, boiler room footprint, distance from our facility and the unknowns that arise during any installation, our service manager decided to preassemble the complete boiler room package at our facility in Nashville. The preassembly included all the interconnecting piping along with some modifications of the existing equipment to comply with the reduced clearances.

Shutdown Installation

Before the existing boiler room equipment was removed, we disassembled the new boiler room and shipped it to the job site.  Due to the work performed prior to arriving on the job site, the installation met the challenges presented and was completed on time. 

 Preassembled at Boiler Supply’s Shop           Customer Final Installation

New Boiler Installation Final New Boiler Installation

Customer Satisfaction

Per the customer: “On numerous occasions during the project, Boiler Supply crew members told me ‘We want you to be Happy’, and indeed I am.  Great Job Guys!!! The new boilers are performing well and the benefits to our process have already exceeded our expectations.”