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Ace Heaters Storage Water Heater

Maintains temperature + or – 4 degrees from the setpoint and offers maintenance-free operation. Features small, medium or large storage volumes with standard 150 PSIG, completely skid assembled with quality components and proven design.

  • Senses blended water temperatures for instant smooth opening and closing of steam or boiler water control valve.
  • Provides rapid response to the temperature and flow requirements of the cold water supply. The temperature control bulb in the circulating line senses an immediate change in the temperature of the stored water. It also eliminates delays due to length bleed line.
  • Eliminates excessive cycling of the control valve, which can occur when short bursts of cold water are flushed over an immersed sensor bulb.


  • ASME Section VIII Div I vessel
  • Small, medium or large storage volumes
  • Quality components for high performance
  • Completely assembled storage water heaters with tube bundle,
    circulating system, wiring, insulation and skid mounted
  • Cement-lined tank standard

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