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Boiler Supply Proactively Confronts Safety in the Boiler Room


A safe building is ensuring its boiler room is safe.

This means ensuring proper boiler room equipment is safely configured, operators are competent with proper training, sound procedures are in place and being followed.  All of this prevents unwanted surprises in your boiler room impacting safety, reliability, and energy waste.

Recently, Boiler Supply made a conscious decision to invest in a full-time safety manager to expand on its existing safety program.

Meet Sam Brunker

Sam Brunker, our new Safety and Risk Control Manager, was hired to be a significant asset to our organization and its valued customers. 

Sam, has three (3) years of experience in the Occupational Health and Safety field previously working on high-voltage construction projects including wind farms, solar farms, transmission lines and heavy industrial electrical infrastructure. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Occupational Health and Safety. 

His job will be split between three (3) offices in Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta to ensure consistent safety practices throughout the Boiler Supply organization, transmitting this expanding safety culture and philosophy to our valued customers.

Internally, Sam will ensure all training and compliance certifications are being presented and completed with Boiler Supply staff. “The more education and safety opportunities we can empower our staff with, the stronger our team will be,” Brunker stated. “My main goal is to build on the existing safety program by instituting proactive safety strategies and leveraging leading indicators to establish a sustainable and positive safety culture. We will be focusing on effective planning, efficient communication and individual ownership of safety.”

Sam will be adding an enormous value to our customers. Before a project officially begins, he will coordinate pre-project site visits to ensure customer safety alignment.  Our customers will have the unique benefit to tap into a direct safety contact within Boiler Supply.

Contact us if you have a safety question or concern in your boiler room.