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Why Your Boiler Needs a Preventative Maintenance Program


Your boiler plays a critical role in your facility.  A maintenance program will ensure your boiler will continue to operate reliably, safely and in many cases, it’s the law. 

Reliable Operation 

Facilities rely on boilers for a myriad of applications whether heating, process steam for materials production or power generation. If your boiler becomes inefficient or even inoperable because of wearing components, it can cost your business dearly.  You can prevent process interruptions and increase dependability by proactively following a comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) program.Boiler Installation

Maintain Efficiency

Wear and tear can cause strain on your boiler system leading to inefficiencies. 

There are numerous factors that can affect boiler efficiency; seasonal temperature changes, the quality and temperature of the boiler feedwater and maintaining a properly tuned burner for optimal combustion. For instance, a leak somewhere may cause a drop in pressure, causing the system to use more fuel to keep to acceptable pressure levels.


A boiler can be a dangerous piece of equipment if it is not understood and respected. Operating it properly requires training and support from qualified individuals who not only appreciate the workings of the equipment but the hazards too. From electrical components, water level control, safety valve piping and proper confined space procedures, boiler safety is of utmost priority when it comes to boiler maintenance for the safety of the personnel. 

It’s the Law

An issue that causes a boiler to break down can easily be hazardous to nearby personnel, so much so that following a PM program for your boiler is the law. In the state of Tennessee and Georgia, each boiler or pressure vessel must be thoroughly inspected regularly.  The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is responsible for performing the inspections.  The office is further responsible for issuing Certificates of Authority for all companies or individuals who install, maintain or service boilers. 

Recommended Preventative Maintenance Frequency

The best place to reference when operating your boiler is to refer to the manufacturer’s operation manual for proper PM recommendations. 

The benefits

Tracking your PM data is a good way to start collecting useable maintenance data to make decisions about updates to optimize your boiler based on real data. The trending can also help boiler operators identify anomalies in performance to help aid in troubleshooting issues. 

Daily: Boiler operators should perform a quick daily check to identify potential problems like leaks, noise and control readings. 

Download our Boiler Room Logs to track data for your weekly inspections:
High Pressure Power Boiler Log
            High-Pressure Power Boiler Log
Heating Boiler Log
                         Heating Boiler Log

Monthly: Each month, you should perform a more comprehensive inspection. Some of the things I would recommend checking include the combustion air piping and flue gas vent piping. You want to check for leaks, blockages, or signs of wear. Also, check the relief valve discharge pipe and boiler relief valve for leaks. And, finally, check for blockages in the drainage system and lines. Other items that can be tested or inspected on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis include the boiler hydronic piping, the burner flame, and the low water cutoff.

Annually: a licensed trained and certified professional should be brought in to perform a rigorous Boiler Supply Annual Service Checklistboiler inspection and complete any needed maintenance repairs. The annual service should include a complete fireside and waterside visual evaluation and test, boiler combustion controls visual evaluation and test, and a CSD-1 inspection upon request.  The final inspection should include a full report of the evaluation with recommendations on any further work required. 

Our checklist: The account manager for your facility will complete an onsite checklist prior to performing an annual service to understand the facility, equipment and requirements.  This provides assurance your annual service is as thorough as possible.

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